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"Gratefully inspired by the Dead.... a great injection of life and joy." 

-Mitch Foy, Bay FM

DEADSET is the must-see band for music lovers. Adventurous, earthy and downright FUN, they explore, invoke and jam the phenomenal music of THE GRATEFUL DEAD. As perhaps the most important band and best-kept secret in music history, THE GRATEFUL DEAD are at once a family, a scene, an interactive tribal ceremony and a groundbreaking approach to music making.


Their immense eclectic catalogue is a treasure trove of brilliant songs and music; both mystical and delicious. Yet explaining the Grateful Dead experience is like explaining a mango or an orgasm if you haven't had one. In the futility of words "Deadheads" often just say, "There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert."  


"THE DEAD”, who rarely play(ed) outside the USA, built their legend and huge underground fan-nation by delivering a transcendent and transformative live concert experience – something only a live-and-in-person encounter can convey, DEADSET channels the AUSTRALIAN GRATEFUL DEAD EXPERIENCE to give folks down under a live taste of the magic. 

Now the notion of trying to “copy” the quintessential Jam band that plays each song differently each night is simply ridiculous. DEADSET is an interactive, highly musical unit unto itself. We play the songs and approach the music as the Grateful Dead would by being ourselves, in the moment, singing the stories in the songs and creating the music fresh and live each show. 


We warmly invite you to an amazing tribal psychedelic party experience that is DEADSET and THE AUSTRALIAN GRATEFUL DEAD EXPERIENCE.



“When you relocate from another country, it's natural to want to share the very best… the new, novel and wonderful from your homeland," says DEADSET founder HANUMAN. "Having grown up in the USA and having had many of my most ecstatic (clothed) experiences at Grateful Dead shows, it is natural to want to share life-enhancing Ju-Ju with others on the trail of life. 


“As I sat down to write this, a friend and DEADSET fan texted me out of the blue: 'You’re a pretty great channel Hanuman.' This was such a wonderful text, as I do feel a deep connection to the music and 'inside' the songs.


"This ability was something I discovered by accident when I was back in New York caring for my Dad. I just started strumming through some Grateful Dead songs for solace in the evening after Dad had turned in. Now as I have made my career as a drummer, percussionist, and musical comedian, I wasn’t thinking anything but trying just to centre myself in those beautiful songs. I felt strong energy as I sang which had a potent therapeutic effect on me. 


"Others musicians heard and encouraged me. I did some recording with a few different line ups. DeadSet’s first round of recordings was with a New-York-based band featuring the incredible Jason Crosby (Check out Saturday Night Feel Good for an insane Violin solo). In turn, there was a highly-productive 3-day recording “camp” with my band alumni from the Flying Emus. ( check out Deal, Brokedown Palace, Man Smart, and Ripple).


"On circulating those recordings, more singers and musicians I respected greatly gave more positive feedback and encouragement. In response, DEADSET was formed in 2015. 

Come to see us live but also please enjoy the music in our music section. 

And of course, we love to hear from you! 

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