GREETINGS fellow ambulatory magnetically-attracting thought spaces ...... 'sup?

At this time in my, me slightly windy eclectic spiritual path has lead me life to the orthodox practice of FUN.


“All-ONE All-FUN!” is my new Mantra... And one of the funnerest things I personally find is making music with my creative friends. And blessed be - I got a whole network of the bastards!!  


So THE DEAD SET FUN NUGGETS is a directed collective of sorts. The DEAD SET part explores the transcendent music of THE GRATEFUL DEAD. While THE FUN NUGGETS play my own inspirational and tongue-in-cheek ORIGINALS (some mash-ups perhaps, a few creative covers even, a novelty song for laughs …. ) … and…. yes of course all means, we Jam!


THE DEAD SET FUN NUGGETS amounts to juicy interactive music made fresh… to touch the heart, move the hips, make ya smile and as a potent FUN catalyst for all featherless bipeds !!  Enjoy !!

© 2018 Funky Monkey Productions / DEADSET 

May all beings be Happy!